The kitchen is one of the most common areas to remodel. A lot happens here, from family dinners and entertaining guests to your personal bakery or your daily breakfast spot. If you’re dreaming of ways to change it up or update it, here are few things to plan out first! 

1.) Set a budget. Make sure you have thought through the cost of this remodel to be certain you can afford the parts and labor to complete this project. Tritech LLC proudly offers both affordability and quality when it comes to remodels.

2.) Research. Get an idea of what you want your new kitchen to look and feel like. Take a look at some of our
past projects to get some ideas flowing or search the current trends or specific styles you feel represent you and what you want for your kitchen!

3.) Strategize. Make sure you have an idea about the layout. We are happy to talk with you about how to accomplish this but keep a couple of things in mind: Yes, you want it to look great but you also need functionality and practicality. You use your kitchen for a variety of things, especially for storage. You want to make sure you’re not compromising the design or the amount of space you have!

Think about countertop space, your appliances or new ones you will be putting in if they are a different size/shape, etc. Consider how many people you have in your kitchen on special occasions or holidays and how you want to factor that into the walkways!

4.) Invite Trimtech in to go over your design and talk about the implementation! We are happy to walk through each step of the process to make sure we understand your vision and expectations.

5.) Schedule the project timeline. We make it our job to finish the project in a timely manner and keep to the deadlines. 

6.) Celebrate in your new kitchen!

For over 25 years, Trimtech LLC has been a leading provider of home remodeling. Whether you’re interested in kitchen and bath remodeling, finishing your basement, or adding custom carpentry details, you can depend on the expertise and experience of our construction team. Our experts go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction and will work personally with you to guarantee that you’ll get the remodel you want—at the price you want.

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Kitchen remodel

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The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodel
Kitchen remodel

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